Driver Q & A


1) What are minimum qualifications?


– Preferably 25 years or older.
– Clean driving record.
– Own or lease 2010 or newer vehicle.


2) How much money can I earn?


Depending on wrap size you can earn $100 – $300 a month.


3) How long until I get chosen for a wrapping?


Driver and advertiser are matched based on drivers daily route. Driver wait is individualized.


4) Can the wrap damage my car?


No! The wraps are guaranteed to leave the cars damage free.


5) How long are the wrap campaigns?


Campaign duration will be minimally 3 months to 1 year.


6) Is there a minimum amount of miles I must drive?


No, however, drivers are chosen based on driving patterns which meets the advertisers desired exposure.


7) How often will I get paid?


You will receive a check or direct deposit following each month of the campaign.


8) Which locations are you looking for drivers?


AdverDriver advertises nationally although the application may be only open to certain cities and regions depending active or upcoming campaigns.  Please check application page for current driver needs.

9) Will I be without my car for any period of time?


Yes, plan to make alternative transportation arrangements while the wrap is being installed and/or removed.  Wrap installation could take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.


10) Can we choose which company advertises on our vehicle?


Yes, you are able to decline the company if you do not want to advertise for them or their products.


11) Can we choose the design or colors of our vehicle wrap?


No, unfortunately you do not have a say in the colors or design of the wrap.  But do not worry, your car will have never looked this good!


12) What type of Insurance must I have?


Your auto liability coverage must meet the minimum coverage of 100/300/100.  You do not need to have this coverage to apply but will need to change it prior to getting your car wrapped.


13) Will I be considered an independent contractor or employee?


You will be considered an independent contractor which means you will be receiving a 1099-MISC and you will be responsible for filing your own taxes with the IRS.


14) Can I wrap my car if I drive for a ride sharing company? (Uber, Lyft)


Unfortunately most ride sharing companies do not permit for vehicles to have advertisements or company logos.  Due to their restrictions, ride sharing vehicles are not optimal for wrapping.


15) How does the AdverDriver referral program work?


If a driver whom is referred to us is chosen for a wrap campaign, the referring party will receive a $50 bonus for helping us find qualified drivers.